So the other day I was looking online for some kind of facial treatment because my skin has been looking kinda dull (unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with the pregnancy glow instead quite the opposite *sigh*) but i didn’t just want a normal facial as theres so many cool ones out here or ones that sound really cool at least e.g 24K Gold facial, Vitamin C Facial, Oxygen Facial and ACUPUNCTURE FACIAL…

I’ve known about acupuncture facials for a while now but always thought it was a very expensive Kim K celeb thing to do until I came across a post on SavoirFlair- which reccomended Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, I called them up to chat about the treatment and they told me it would increase blood circulation, give your face a fresh look, and give you a glow. I told them I wanted to get rid of my dark under eye circles and for that I was told I would need to have a session a week for minimum 6 weeks.

The Experience

The treatment centre had a really nice calm feel to it which made me feel super relaxed which is exactly what you need when you are about to have needles stuck in your face. I had 10 needles put in my face (extra one for each under eye as thats what i was concerned about), one on each hand and one on each foot. The pain was literally nothing, the needles just felt like little pricks when being inserted and then it was normal as long as you didn’t move around. The nurse then put some soft music on turned off the lights and told me to rest for around 30mins which I did for around 15 mins before I got out my phone and snap chatted my scary needle filled face to everyone from every possible angle haha (MANDATORY OR WHAT?). The nurse then came back into the room to take out the needles, there was a little bit of blood on all of them and that was it. Tbh I was expecting a little more maybe a face cleanse or even a chat about what the needles had done etc but she just left the room for me to get sorted -put my hijab back on and that.

After effect of the treatment

Straight after the treatment I thought there would be redness or little marks where the needles where placed but my skin was clear and it did look fresh, I did have a little tingling sensation in my face but that went away after an hour or so. Later that day when I put on my make up it seemed to go on a lot more seamlessly than usual and looked a lot better than usual too, and that night I had a really good sleep which I had been struggling with now my bump is getting bigger.

Today, around four days after my treatment my skin is clear from any breakouts etc but my dark circles are still the same, but I guess to treat that I will have to continue with my sessions which I do hope to.

The cost

Each session costs 250dh but if you book a 5 session package it will cost you 1000dh.