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This is going to be a super quick post with no irrelevant introduction, so here goes – I recently came across this little recipe for healthy, shiny and super soft hair and seeing as my hair has been kind of dying for the last few months I thought I would try it…

All you need for this is:

1. Organic raw honey 

2. Olive Oil

Optional: 3. Any other oil: black seed/ coconut/ almond cause they all ahhhhmazing for hair.

First warm 1 tbs of honey and make sure its melted, then add olive oil (+ other oil) and warm for another 15 secs or so. Massage the mixture into your hair and let it sit for about 45 mins – I usually leave it on longer but its up to you. Then wash your hair as you would normally do.


a m a z i n g. My hair felt healthier and looked shinier after the first time. I do this at least once a week now, it has made such a huge difference! Now once I dry my hair it feels so good I just sit there for a good 10 mins running my fingers through it whereas before I would just tie it up in a bun straight away and forget about it.

  • Organic honey is obviously better if you have it but I’ve used normal non organic supermarket honey and although it won’t be as beneficial it does still leave your hair shiny.
  • If your hair falls out a lot and you have bald patches I find adding a bit of black seed oil helps quite a bit.
  • If you can stand the smell of Apple cider vinegar then definitely add that in, it will add more shine to your hair.


Salaam beautifuls
I’ve been trying this lemon and honey face mask for the past 3/4 weeks and omg it is amazing, when I take the mask off my skin it actually feels like I’m glowing and I’m just like woahhhh mashaAllah ygm✨
So today I’m going to share my super secret (a secret that’s all over the internet) face mask recipe with you ~
1. Firstly get a pretty little glass bowl cause you’re obviously going to snapchat (@itsmeanah btw) the whole procedure so you want it to look nice and that.

2. Get half a lemon and squeeze it out into your pretty little bowl.
3. Add two tbsp of honey to the bowl and mix. If it’s too runny add a bit more honey cause you want the face mask to stick to your face not be dripping down.

4. Apply the mask all over your face and neck, be careful of your eyes cause if lemon gets in them MATTTTTE it’s gonna burn (telling you from experience btw).
5. Leave the mask on for about 15-20mins.
6. Wash it off and see your face GLOW✨

Here are a few benefits of lemon and honey that made me want to try out this face mask:
– Honey retains moisture from the air keeping your skin hydrated
– Lemon aids in fighting wrinkles and blackheads YASSS
– Honey keeps your skin feeling soft and supple
– Lemon is very effective in lightening the skin tone (for me it’s helped even out my skin tone which is so great)
– Honey and Lemon both help the skin look tighter, brighter and healthier

There are a multitude of benefits of Honey and Lemon, try it out and let me know what you think ~

Salaam X