This post has been in my drafts ever since I got back from Dubai which was absolutely ages ago but you know what they say about the posts in your drafts… yeah that’s right no one says anything about them I’m just really lazy and I never got around to completing it and by ‘completing’ I mean writing anything beyond the title.

Okay now that I’ve given you the useless¬†introduction I’m going to jump straight into the less useless post. One thing I love about going to Dubai is buying Abayas. I usually buy a good years supply of them but this time we were only there for 3 days and had people to see, places to be so I only got three ūüė¶

So first things first go to Dubai mall or any big mall and identify the latest abaya trends then go to the souks and get the same design for a 1/4 of the price (or less yassss) BARGAIN BARGAIN. This time round everyone was wearing all sorts of styles, the wings had come back, pleated ones, zip all the way down style and also plain abayas with a designer tag/chain thing at the bottom.

The wing style had always been my favourite so my first buy:

wing 3wing 1

Clutch: New Look

Pointy Heels: Dorothy Perkins

Next I got an simple everyday, early driving lesson/ tea morning Abaya:

simple 3 simple 1

This abaya is a life saver, whenever I have to leave my house early morning I’ll throw this on and actually look and feel more awake and because its not just a plain black it actually looks like I’ve made some kind of effort to get ready!

Finally I got a ‘not going to the party/dawat because I can’t find anything to wear oh wait I found something I’m coming now’¬†abaya:

design 1  design 3

design 2

I wanted to get a nice printed abaya that I could wear to last minute parties and dawats and still look FRESH yaano and nothing beats the black and gold combo so when I saw the pretty print I had to get it.

Rings: Primarni

Feet Killers: Aldo 

Okay that’s all for now folks, apologies again for the bad quality pictures they will get better as soon as someone in my family bravely takes on the role of my personal photographer in sha Allah.¬†