I love buying and trying traditional outfits from all the places I visit, especially if it’s from a market and I can watch my mum haggle like a pro!
So obviously when I went to the markets in Jordan and saw all the beautiful Jordanian dresses hanging there I had to drag my mum into the shops to get me one.

So we went into the shops and mum was set on a price so she haggled her way down but wasn’t convinced so standard procedure, she said ‘no it’s ok’ and started to exit the shop in hope that the owner would call us back with a better price and ALHUMDULILAH he did…………….

IMG_8527-1 IMG_8532

***Sorry for the terrible picture quality, everyone refused to take pictures of me and the front camera as you can see is blerghhhhh

Dress: Market in Amman, Jordan

Leather Jacket: Bank Fashion (last year xmas sale)

How beautiful is the embroidery ❤ There was also loads of little sequins on it but I wore it when I went to wadi ram for camping and I think they all got lost in the sand (note: don’t let your siblings bury you in sand when you’re wearing something nice) </3

This OOTD has got me looking through all the pictures from Jordan for like the 86th time! Visiting Jordan was such an amazing experience from climbing up a mountain on a DONKEY to visiting the alleged cave of the seven sleepers everything was absolutely fantastic!

Sunset over the dead sea:

Red Sea:

Wadi Ram:






The girl who gave me a ‘gift’ and asked to take a picture with me, then shouted at me when I didn’t have money to buy the gift she handed me lmao:


Supposed cave of the seven sleepers:




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