Assalamu Alaikum
Hope you all had a lovely Eid!

Alhumdulilah I had a super fabulous Eid with my amazing family and friends, and because of all the super fabulous-ness I honestly had the biggest Eid hangover the next day (the halal kind ok) ~
and then life got kinda busy from Monday which is why this post is so so late!!!

So Eid morning I got up at 6:30AM as I had to get FULLY ready for Eid Salah cause I knew we would be taking pictures and I couldn’t take any risk ~ imagine a bad picture on EID DAY NOOO ~

We then went for brunch at an aunty’s house and she had ordered food from PC: biggg uppppp Punjab Catering they acc do the best samosas and gajar ka halwa😍

Straight after brunch our YOAM group had organised an Eid Celebration so we had to rush over there to set up before all the guest arrive.

Look at my chocolate fountain flowing so perfectly MashaAllah MashaAllah ~ the flow died 5 mins after I took the picture but idc at least it lasted 5 mins right ~

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

IMG_6870 IMG_8539

^yes we played ‘bullshit’ on Eid but obviously called it ‘cheat’ as we were playing at a family event lmao

Even though we were super tired after the Eid Celebration running on 12% battery just like our phones we decided to go watch BANG BANG (went home to charge our phone first obvz) BANG BANG was the EXACT copy of Knight and Day but it was still great tbh. Hrithick looked fab and did a great job hiding his second thumb and Katrina looked amazing in everything she wore even though she doesn’t wear much but still swag!

Ok this is getting really long lemme try and wrap up…
The next day we went for EID BREAKFAST at Sabrina’s house



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