“HAAANGOVER TERI YAADON KA, HAAANGOVER TERI BAATON KA” I sang while putting on my asian attire because singing bollywood songs is just standard procedure when putting on asian clothes, am I right or am I right?
I’m right ~
So today’s post will be my first ever ootd. Seeing as it’s my first please excuse my terrible full length picture taking skills
Let’s start with the most important part…


Flicked/Winged my eyeliner for the first time ever today, took me three YouTube tutorials and just over half an hour on my eyes but I did it YAY


Black Bobble Hijab: Whitechappel Market
Next the outfit:

Kurta: J. (Junaid Jamshed) in Pakistan
Black Leggings: Primark
Gold Clutch: Aldo
Finally the shoes:

The heels were a gift it says ‘pretty fit’ inside idk what that is or where that is tbh?!

Went to Faroz in ilford for an Auntie’s 50th birthday surprise – Alhumduliah had a fab time with all my faves:




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