Baby Must Haves – my top 5.

I’m officially 10 weeks (prob way more by the time I publish this) into motherhood aka qualified to write this post haha! You know I always hated it when mothers would tell me their baby’s age in weeks and now I’ve started doing it so I would like to take this time to apologise for being a hater.
Changing mat: this is sooooooo important if you don’t want to be sleeping on your baby’s wees and poos and in some cases like mine – vomit too because as soon as I would lay her down to change her nappy out it comes. I never realised how much I would need this so once again this is soooooooooooo important as you really don’t want to be getting up in the middle of the night to change your sheets (or if you’re lazy like me, wipe whatever with a baby wipe and just sleep on it SO SO EW I KNOW) just keep a lightweight changing mat next to your bed so you can pop it out as soon as you need and also carry it around the house.
Gro bag: it’s basically a sleeping bag but the material is so perfect, she doesn’t wake up now because she’s too hot or too cold only when she’s hungry. I get cold a lot so I would get worried and wrap her up too warm so if your like me get a gro bag for sure.
Sleep positioners: I didn’t know what these were called so when I googled them “cosy side support cushions for babies” and there were some warnings so read before buying! This is another sleeping must have for me, I would lay my baby tightly between these positioners and I guess she would feel all protected and secure like there was someone around her and she wouldn’t wake up startled.
Bath seat: This is really nice for enjoying bath time with your baby and also it makes cleaning your baby really easy as both your hands are free. I have recently started showering her while she is on the seat, using one hand to hold the shower head and one hand to clean her, she seems to enjoys this a lot more than me filling up the bath which is nice for me as it saves time. WIN!
Wrap: I’ve started to take daily walks with my baby and before I was using the baby carrier which is quite heavy itself and then putting the baby in it would make it so much more heavier (obvz) so i would get tired and turn back quicker than I would like. Also my baby would fall asleep on the way back and the baby carrier has so many buckles and velcro straps that by the time I would take her out she would be awake. So for me a wrap is just way more comfortable as it is light and I can easily release her from the fabric without any noise and place her in her swing once she’s asleep.
Extra tips
  • Officially dedicate the draws on the side of your bed to your baby if you haven’t done so already – her nappies, creams, oils, bodysuits and sleep suits should all be there. YOU WILL THANK ME FOR THIS!
  • When you’re at home ditch the baby wipes and use cotton pads and water to clean your baby’s nappy because nappy rashes are just horrid and it makes your baby very uncomfortable.
  •  Talk to your baby, I’ve just started doing this as I always thought it was super weird when other people did it , honestly I’m such a hater haha. Talking to your baby is surprisingly comforting – esp when they respond in their cute little coos – and mothers need comfort!!! also its meant to be really good for them too.
  • Finally stay calm, keep trying and remember all babies are different! (all the things I need to be constantly reminded of)

p.s / p.s / p.s if you haven’t had your baby yet or if your baby is under 21 days don’t forget to book a baby photoshoot, I’m still upset that i forgot to do so :((((((



Okay so I’ve been holidaying in Dubai since I was 11 and living in here, well just outside of Dubai for over a year now so i feel qualified enough to tell you guys what you gotta do/see here…

  • So firstly you have to start your day off right and that is with breakfast, and this breakfast has to be at COCOA ROOM. If your on holiday and you have breakfast included at your hotel then PEAK! no I’m joking I love a good breakfast buffet and I wouldn’t give that up but if you can go, make sure you go COCOA ROOM and if you’re living here and you haven’t been yet, your weekend breakfast plans are now in place 😉

Must order: Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate & Nutella French Toast

  • Secondly make sure you have DESERT SAFARI booked for one of the days. Desert Safari is a great experience you get to do camel riding, quad biking, sand boarding, you can get yourself a henna tattoo and at the end of the day there’s a lovely bbq dinner usually accompanied by belly dancing. Also most desert safari tour operators will pick you up and drop you back to your hotel which is pretty convinient.

Top tip: Check out groupon/cobone/yalla banana for good deals on desert safari. 


  • Third, DUBAI MALL. I wouldn’t spend the whole day here especially if you are on holiday as there’s so much more to see but you definitely have to visit the worlds largest mall. Dubai mall has an indoor theme park, an indoor aquarium, right outside is the Burj Khalifa (you can go to the top, which is meant to be amazing) and of course theres the dancing fountain which you have to check out.

Where to eat: Shake shack (cause you can’t visit Dubai and not snapchat your tray full of juicy shake shack burgers and cheesy fries)and Mini pancakes from holland house. Also if you’re from London and you’re missing Pinkberry because they shut it down for some stupid reason THEY HAVE IT IN DUBAI MALL ❤

  • Fourth, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO! It is breathtaking. Everything is just perfection.

Top tip: Buy a really cute abaya from a souk in Dubai beforehand (naif souk) for really cute pictures because the ones they provide you with aren’t so cute.

  • Lastly, Tresind. I won’t write much about this as I’ve dedicated a whole post to it already:  This isn’t much of a holiday-y restaurant as you don’t have the fab views of Dubai but if you live here its an absolutely lovely place for a special birthday or anniversary.

Must order: Modernised chaat trolley, Raan & Passionfruit lava lamp

I was going to stick to strictly five but heres a few more of my faves:

  • Waterparks (Wild Wadi & Aquaventure)
  • Staycations if your living here (JBH, Waldorf Astoria, Desert Islands Resort and Spa, Atlantis)
  • Shakespeare & co: SOUK AL BAHAR branch (great food -esp their french toast,  view of burj khalifa and good shisha – perf for a girly lunch)

What are your top places to visit here? I’d love your recommendations!








So the other day I was looking online for some kind of facial treatment because my skin has been looking kinda dull (unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with the pregnancy glow instead quite the opposite *sigh*) but i didn’t just want a normal facial as theres so many cool ones out here or ones that sound really cool at least e.g 24K Gold facial, Vitamin C Facial, Oxygen Facial and ACUPUNCTURE FACIAL…

I’ve known about acupuncture facials for a while now but always thought it was a very expensive Kim K celeb thing to do until I came across a post on SavoirFlair- which reccomended Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, I called them up to chat about the treatment and they told me it would increase blood circulation, give your face a fresh look, and give you a glow. I told them I wanted to get rid of my dark under eye circles and for that I was told I would need to have a session a week for minimum 6 weeks.

The Experience

The treatment centre had a really nice calm feel to it which made me feel super relaxed which is exactly what you need when you are about to have needles stuck in your face. I had 10 needles put in my face (extra one for each under eye as thats what i was concerned about), one on each hand and one on each foot. The pain was literally nothing, the needles just felt like little pricks when being inserted and then it was normal as long as you didn’t move around. The nurse then put some soft music on turned off the lights and told me to rest for around 30mins which I did for around 15 mins before I got out my phone and snap chatted my scary needle filled face to everyone from every possible angle haha (MANDATORY OR WHAT?). The nurse then came back into the room to take out the needles, there was a little bit of blood on all of them and that was it. Tbh I was expecting a little more maybe a face cleanse or even a chat about what the needles had done etc but she just left the room for me to get sorted -put my hijab back on and that.

After effect of the treatment

Straight after the treatment I thought there would be redness or little marks where the needles where placed but my skin was clear and it did look fresh, I did have a little tingling sensation in my face but that went away after an hour or so. Later that day when I put on my make up it seemed to go on a lot more seamlessly than usual and looked a lot better than usual too, and that night I had a really good sleep which I had been struggling with now my bump is getting bigger.

Today, around four days after my treatment my skin is clear from any breakouts etc but my dark circles are still the same, but I guess to treat that I will have to continue with my sessions which I do hope to.

The cost

Each session costs 250dh but if you book a 5 session package it will cost you 1000dh.





Trèsind- Very India.

Can you believe after months of wanting to visit Tresind we finally go and I forget my camera (which I carry almost everywhere) at home? Well I can as it was my husbands birthday and I also forgot his cake in the fridge- guess the excitement of molecular gastronomy meeting indian cuisine got to me.

It is absolutely true what everyone is saying, going to Tresind is not like going to any other restaurant it’s a whole new experience that will, legit, awaken ALL of your senses. As we were seated I was handed a personalised note (A PERSONALISED SCROLL WITH A BOW ON IT, TALK ABOUT MAKING ME FEEL SPECIAL AS SOON AS I ENTER, HOW CUTE!) which explained the name/concept etc of the restaurant ‘Très’ meaning ‘very’ in french and ‘ind’ for India.

The waiter then bought over an aroma filled steaming jar and wet towels to “refresh ourselves” before we got started. Everything was bought over in a nice relaxed pace, beautifully presented…

Deconstructed pani puri. literally a burst of flavours in my mouth which got me buzzing for the rest of the meal.

Modernised chaat trolley. “this was art in the form of chaat” so glad I waited to type this out instead of saying it out loud at the restaurant in front of everyone haha but it sounds pretty cool right? but for real the live presentation of this was absolutely stunning and the taste was even more ❤

Tiger prawns with soft crab shells. Full of flavour traditional tandoori prawn

Passion fruit lava lamp. this drink was absolutely stunning *Gordan Ramsay voice* the most exciting part was the making, when the server added the ingredients to this huge venturi glass, and the drink bubbled, throwing the passion fruit seeds and the fresh berries up and down caused by the reacting dry ice, it felt like I was watching a beautiful science experiment.

Raan. probably the best raan i have ever had in my life, mouth melting, cooked to perfection, its definitely not to be missed.

Deconstructed Black Forest cake. This was another beautiful live presentation like the chaat trolley, if you like black forest cake then you will love this.

Paan flavoured candy floss. this was an amazing twist to your traditional candy floss and the way it was served on a tree between pretty flowers GAWD we were all in awe.Gotta include a picture of the birthday boy and I cause we unintentionally co-ordinated and dassss cute… OOTD- Skirt: Missguided | Top: Boohoo | Kimono: Market | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins 

Ok now back to Trèsind, absolutely everything the taste, the presentation, the bubbly staff, EVERYTHING gets a 5/5! Thank you for a great experience.


Tresind Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


So I am currently temp mummy while my parents are away and to answer the question above: no school runs are not fun. not. at. all. This job is hard man but don’t worry I won’t go on a about that right now, instead I just want to say I MISS AND APPRECIATE MY PARENTS EVER SO MUCH and I can’t wait till they’re back and I can have my original ‘sister’ title. Dedicating this post to them, they’re probably never going to read it but its always cute to have someone dedicate something to you YAAAKNOW. Anyway here are some outfits I put together for the school run week: AFTER SCHOOL runs btw,  the morning runs were basically abaya over my pj’s and a shawl over my head and half my face because didn’t really want anyone to see me in that state…



Top: Primark Mens because its almost impossible to find plain white tops in female sections that are not see through erghhhh why??? | Mom Jeans: Pull&Bear | Coat Blazer: HQ | Bag: Primark



Top: H&M | Skirt: New Look | Bag: Primark | Hijab: Whitechapel Market



Cape: InayahC | Top: Primark | Skinny Jeans: Next | Shoes: TKMaxx



Top: Primark | Treggings: Uniqlo | Hijab: Whitechapel Market | Heels: Primark



Abaya: Ilford Lane | Shoes: TKMaxx

I clearly love the shawl you see in almost every outfit but have no idea where its from and I’m currently on the hunt for more like it so please do let me know 🙂

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Seeing a maxi dress with full sleeves and good chest coverage honestly makes my heart beat faster and at a good price as well *faints*


life size chess board which happened to be right next to my hotel room was literally screaming PHOTOSHOOT MOMENT lmao





Dress: Boohoo
Transparent box bag: eBay
Wedges: New Look
Jewellery: Aldo/ Primarni



Salaam lovelies, I went to see the pyramids in Cairo and no Aladdin wasn’t there but I wore my Aladdin pants so same difference right?! After two days of freezing in Cairo the day we went to pyramids the weather was beautiful alhumdulilah!

We travelled around on horses which was absolutely amazing – I love the clippety cloppety sound when a group of horses are walking together ❤ The guide who took us around had PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLLLLLLZ YOU KNOW –

Look at me touching the top of the pyramids, I went to Egypt for this picture and I’m so glad I got it, also got one of me jumping over the pyramids but going to keep that to myself ha. Shout out to the guide, thank you ever so much!

Aladdin outfit 1:




Aladdin pants: eBay
Top: Select
Maxi cardi: Whitechapel market
Jewellery: Aldo/ Primarni
Sandals: JustFab
Shoulder bag: Coach

I loved my Aladdin pants so much I decided to wear them again but this time in Sharm El Sheikh because obviously can’t outfit repeat in the same city lol

Aladdin outfit 2:

I really don’t know why I’m pouting like that lol 😐

Top: Primarni
Sunglasses: Primarni
Everything else same as outfit 1



Hi guys, just a quick ootd before I board my flight to EGYPT YAYYYY!

IMG_9264 IMG_9299

IMG_9243 IMG_9340

Wet look trousers: Boohoo
Top: H&M
Maxi Cardi: Whitechapel market
Hijab: Whitechapel market
Trainers: Levi’s
Travel bag that manages to fit my whole life Alhumdulilah: Next
Leather jacket: Bank


*just realised I forgot to publish this post anyway a bit late but here it is now (not that anyone was waiting lmao) – btw soooooo glad I grabbed my leather jacket last minute, it’s quite cold in Cairo which is quite sad as I bought my sun hat 😦


Hope you enjoyed my alteration above ~

This is going to be a super quick post with no irrelevant introduction, so here goes – I recently came across this little recipe for healthy, shiny and super soft hair and seeing as my hair has been kind of dying for the last few months I thought I would try it…

All you need for this is:

1. Organic raw honey 

2. Olive Oil

Optional: 3. Any other oil: black seed/ coconut/ almond cause they all ahhhhmazing for hair.

First warm 1 tbs of honey and make sure its melted, then add olive oil (+ other oil) and warm for another 15 secs or so. Massage the mixture into your hair and let it sit for about 45 mins – I usually leave it on longer but its up to you. Then wash your hair as you would normally do.


a m a z i n g. My hair felt healthier and looked shinier after the first time. I do this at least once a week now, it has made such a huge difference! Now once I dry my hair it feels so good I just sit there for a good 10 mins running my fingers through it whereas before I would just tie it up in a bun straight away and forget about it.

  • Organic honey is obviously better if you have it but I’ve used normal non organic supermarket honey and although it won’t be as beneficial it does still leave your hair shiny.
  • If your hair falls out a lot and you have bald patches I find adding a bit of black seed oil helps quite a bit.
  • If you can stand the smell of Apple cider vinegar then definitely add that in, it will add more shine to your hair.


This post has been in my drafts ever since I got back from Dubai which was absolutely ages ago but you know what they say about the posts in your drafts… yeah that’s right no one says anything about them I’m just really lazy and I never got around to completing it and by ‘completing’ I mean writing anything beyond the title.

Okay now that I’ve given you the useless introduction I’m going to jump straight into the less useless post. One thing I love about going to Dubai is buying Abayas. I usually buy a good years supply of them but this time we were only there for 3 days and had people to see, places to be so I only got three 😦

So first things first go to Dubai mall or any big mall and identify the latest abaya trends then go to the souks and get the same design for a 1/4 of the price (or less yassss) BARGAIN BARGAIN. This time round everyone was wearing all sorts of styles, the wings had come back, pleated ones, zip all the way down style and also plain abayas with a designer tag/chain thing at the bottom.

The wing style had always been my favourite so my first buy:

wing 3wing 1

Clutch: New Look

Pointy Heels: Dorothy Perkins

Next I got an simple everyday, early driving lesson/ tea morning Abaya:

simple 3 simple 1

This abaya is a life saver, whenever I have to leave my house early morning I’ll throw this on and actually look and feel more awake and because its not just a plain black it actually looks like I’ve made some kind of effort to get ready!

Finally I got a ‘not going to the party/dawat because I can’t find anything to wear oh wait I found something I’m coming now’ abaya:

design 1  design 3

design 2

I wanted to get a nice printed abaya that I could wear to last minute parties and dawats and still look FRESH yaano and nothing beats the black and gold combo so when I saw the pretty print I had to get it.

Rings: Primarni

Feet Killers: Aldo 

Okay that’s all for now folks, apologies again for the bad quality pictures they will get better as soon as someone in my family bravely takes on the role of my personal photographer in sha Allah.